“The Hawaiian Grateful Dead”

— Bill Kreutzman, Drummer for the Grateful Dead and 7 Walkers

“These guys scare me, they are that good”

—David Hidalgo, Los Lobos

Kanekoa describes its music as ukulele powered hawai’ian reggae folk rock. Kanekoa has been playing together since 1999, melding elements of Hawaiian, Rock, Folk, Blues, Reggae and improvisation into a truly unique sound. In Hawaiian the word KANEKOA (kah-ney-koh-ah) has its roots in the words kane (man) and koa (a sacred tree indigenous to Hawai’i), and translates into English as “a strong man or warrior.” Kanekoa as a band translates into one of Hawaii’s premier live music experiences. Because their sound is based on the yet untapped potential of the electrified Hawaiian ukulele, inspired by the range of musical tastes of its players, and shaped by the land and culture of Hawai’i, Kanekoa has discovered a land of limitless musical possibility. In short, you have not heard or seen anything like this before.

“The band is amazing, and Vince is amazing”

—Mick Fleetwood

“Kanekoa takes the ukulele and uke-related music to another place”

— James “Hutch” Hutchinson, Bass Player for Bonnie Raitt’s band

Best Reggae Album, “Tales of The Fruit Stand Mystic”

— 2017 Na Hoku Hanohano Award

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